Codeathon Alumni

Codeathon 2014 Winner: Eunsoo (Andy) Shin

Andy’s interest in programming increased tremendously ​since he won the Global Snip20150228_1Codeathon. He continued programming on Scratch and later on tried other programming languages on his own. At the start of this school year, he began exploring the XCode app programming environment for the Mac with his teacher mentor Rolly Maiquez.  After a few sessions exploring XCode with a mentor, he took off on his own and started working on small projects. He continued to work on XCode in Chadwick International School’s Coding Club and eventually came up with the first version of the app Tweak Friend.

With the support of his teacher mentor, Andy went on to create the brand ashenyx He has released his app Tweak Friend on the program MacUpdate in January 2015 and it already has more than 2,500 downloads.

Andy is currently working on several new applications. You can follow him on Twitter to keep up to date with his newest apps. Twitter: @ashenyx.

Snip20150228_2We are excited to announce that as a special way to give back to the Global Codeathon, Andy will be giving his newest app Clarvy Tunes out for free to Global Codeathon participants.

Before Andy reached this level of coding expertise, he started with the basics. It is amazing to reflect on all that Andy has accomplished over the past year. Last year Andy reflected on his experience in the Global Codeathon:

The best thing about creating my own program, is that I could make something with nothing other than my computer and my imagination. Even if I wasn’t with my computer, I coded and pictured the program that I’m working on so that I can start coding, right away. I was really obsessed with coding this period of time. I just love coding so much more than before.”

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