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Dong Nguyen

Nguyễn Hà Đông, also known as Dong Nguyen, is a Vietnam-based developer and programmer who is best known for creating the popular mobile game called Flappy Bird, which eventually rooted to countless more games after its deletion in 2014. He founded .GEARS Game Studios, which specializes in creating simple retro pixelated games rather than the more complex ones seen today.

Flappy Bird was said to be developed in around two to three days, the character taken from one of Nguyen’s cancelled projects back in 2012. Follow Dong on

Twitter @dongatory
Source: Flappy Bird Wiki

Eunsoo (Andy) Shin

Andy is a grade 7 student at Chadwick International School in South Korea. He won the 2014 Global Codeathon Advanced Competition with his game Square Rescue 2. He continued programming on Scratch and later on tried other programming languages on his own. At the start of this school year, he began exploring the XCode app programming environment for the Mac with his teacher mentor Rolly Maiquez.  After a few sessions exploring XCode with a mentor, he took off on his own and started working on small projects. He continued to work on XCode in Chadwick International School’s Coding Club and eventually came up with the first version of the app Tweak Friend.

With the support of his teacher mentor, Andy went on to create the brand ashenyx He has released his app Tweak Friend on the program MacUpdate in January 2015 and it already has more than 2,500 downloads.

Twitter: @ashenyx.
Square Rescue 2

Square Rescue by Andy Eunsoo Shin, Chadwick International School Korea

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