The Global Codeathon began in 2013 when a group of grade 5 students worked with one of our teachers hoping to learn how to code and then bring coding into the classroom. With little direction, the students realized something many adults don’t – that coding has limitless potential. It is much more than syntax to be memorized. It takes away the box and lets students create in new ways.

From this the UNIS Hanoi Elementary Coding Club was formed. One of their first events was organizing the Elementary School’s Hour of Code. The teachers saw how empowering it is to share one’s passion. Some of our least academically motivated students excelled as they were not only teaching other students but administrators too. We want this opportunity to last more than an hour and also want to celebrate our coders’ achievements just as a sports team gets to.

We discussed having students physically meet up at an international coding conference but that would then exclude elementary students. Instead we felt a virtual conference was the best path forward.

In this event, the students will:

Learn how coding works

Create their own games/projects

Improve coding skills

Compete to be the 2015 Global Codeathon Champion (optional)

Connect with awesome coders from around the world in real time